Allach Munich

The borough of Allach consists of the former municipality of Untermenzing and largely the former municipality of Allach. It still has remnants of a village appearance. While Untermenzing has hardly any industry, Allach has the highest concentration of industrial and commercial land in the city. The EVER.S shopping centre on Oertelplatz opened in 2019.

Bicycle racks

The bicycle racks at the station Allach were designed with coloured panels on the back wall.

MAN Munich site

Within the MAN Truck & Bus Group, the MAN Munich site is the main plant and the location of the central administration. The Munich Allach plant manufactures trucks with a gross vehicle weight of 18 to 41 tonnes and cabs.


The industrial and commercial land from Siemens Mobility (traffic engineering) and Krauss-Maffei is protected from view everywhere by high fences.

The central structure at Oertelplatz is the fountain on the neighbourhood square: 85 water-spouting nozzles in the ground, distributed over 90 square metres, enable up to 280 m of wave-like fountains on the walkable surface.

Munich-Allach station is part of the Munich-Treuchtlingen railway line. The station is located in the Munich district of Allach-Untermenzing at Oertelplatz. The S2 line of the Munich S-Bahn stops at it.

With more than 900 employees, the truck assembly department manufactures trucks of the TGS series for heavy traction, construction and local transport and TGX for national and international long-distance transport. An extremely varied product range is created by a large number of possible combinations of the axle and cab components and the construction variants as a chassis or semi-trailer tractor.

The Diamaltpark is a new housing development under construction on the site of the former Diamalt plant in Munich-Allach. Anyone entering is setting foot on historic ground with almost 100 years of company history. Three listed buildings in the middle of the area are a reminder of the charm of the Art Nouveau era at the turn of the century.

The industrial land in Allach is mainly used by the companies MAN, MTU, Siemens Mobility (traffic engineering) and Krauss-Maffei. With the decline of the manufacturing industry, more and more land is lying fallow. The used land is protected from view everywhere by high fences.

As with every walk through cities, we notice very different things, also in Allach, such as the two stop signs asking us to stop and look at the golden statue of the Virgin Mary that stands on the opposite side of the road, or the grey, gloomy wall of houses with many windows and unusually many TV satellite dishes on the outside walls.


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