Creative Quarter Munich Munich

A cultural centre is located in Dachauer Straße in Munich. The large creative quarter Schwabing is being built in this area around the Luitpold barracks. A container complex with temporary studios has been created. The individual containers are painted in different colours facing the street. On the site of the former Luitpold barracks between Neuhausen, Schwabing and the city centre, there is a lively scene that has been creating and cultivating diverse and interdisciplinary creative spaces for years.

Container Ateliers

Artists run studios and open workshops here, as well as designers. Rehearsal and performance stages for the independent performing arts can be found here as well as institutions and initiatives for artistic and cultural education. Social-ecological start-ups explore and test alternative models of society.

In the middle of Munich: Five hectares of space for ideas and projects.

Performances, exhibitions, workshops or concerts are regularly developed, supervised and organised all over the site. Their content, themes and aesthetics are rarely on the agenda in the conventional Munich cultural scene. This place stands for diversity and heterogeneity. The cityscape here surprises with old industrial buildings, colourful graffiti, wildly sprawling gardens and thus creates an inspiring atmosphere." (

Dachau KZ Memorial

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