Tivoli Munich

The district is named after the inn Zum Tivoli, which was built here in 1830 from the summer residence of a Munich burgher. At that time, the area was in the southeast corner of the city of Schwabing, with which it was incorporated in 1890. The name Tivoli refers to the Italian town of Tivoli near Rome and was used as a name for numerous amusement parks in the 19th century. The pub existed until 1923 and was demolished in 1924. The Eisbach flows through the quarter. Tivolistraße and Tivoli Bridge also take their names from the quarter.

Finally, the Corona restrictions have been relaxed. The young people are reclaiming their space. People are swimming in Munich's Eisbach again. The street at Tivoli Bridge is full of teenagers and young adults in swimwear. They take the tram home also in their swimwear.

Dachau KZ Memorial

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